Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The garden screens

An image of the steel garden screens which serve as a wind break and also afford an elemnt of privacy at the centre of the space. The design which is laser cut from the 3 steel panels is taken directly from the data provided by the local weather station of the height and speed of the weather balloon we all helped to launch during the initial research workshops.

In place

An image sent to me (last year!!) showing the screens and garden furniture in place.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Created Space Commissions

A grey day, but the steel water feature draws light into the space and the new planting adds movement and life. Bulbs have been planted which will bring splashes of colour in the new year. The bench and screen are being progressed, and there are also two commission opportunities for local artists currently being advertised : for garden furniture and also for a wall mounted artwork for the large east gable. For the full commission brief please visit:

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Arheim 6am

The early morning sun moves onto a very peaceful Arheim. With Phase 1: the hard landscaping now complete, everyone can look forward to the next phase : installing the other vital ingredients for the garden including planting, (there's already a planter of primroses in place) and features such as the screen,  waterpiece, furniture, and artwork for the large east gable.
 The ideas for garden sketched out in the workshops last year are being realised! 


masking the designs

We tidied up the design lines using vinyl masks( thanks to 'Artmachine' in Lerwick, who donated some vinyl for this), and we were a bit sad to have pull up the strips of colour which looked great!
 Some of the original Created Space team have now moved in to the houses surrounding the garden, and it was great to see them enjoying their new home, and the space they helped to design.

Tweaking the designs

Following feedback about slippiness underfoot on some of the areas of the garden, I did some further research into etching products and application techniques, as we were not really getting the result we had hoped for initially. Some test pieces shown here illustrate at a combination of cutting, masking and etching the designs, which gave us a slightly deeper etch ( and hopefully therefore more grip) and a stronger graphic line.
We decided to use these methods throughout the slabbed areas in garden space.